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Idaho's Auto Rate of 2.08%

  • All approved loans will receive introductory rate of 2.08%
  • Available on autos 2007 or newer
  • Introductory period is determined based on FICO
  • Contact a loan officer for details

Notice to All Member Savings and Money Market Accounts Concerning Regulation D Click Here for More Information

Connections Credit Union and EMV Debit Cards

EMV Debit Cards contain chips that are more difficult to hack and duplicate than cards with only a magnetic stripe. EMV cards create unique, secure tokens for transactions. They may be used with a signature or PIN. When cardholders conduct a transaction, the terminal will provide directions on whether a PIN is required. Most EMV terminals require that users insert their debit card into a reader, instead of swiping the card to conduct a transaction. If you perform an EMV transaction, please know that the card must remain in the card reader for the duration of the transaction in order to be completed.
Effective on October 1, 2015, the liability for fraudulent transactions shifted to whomever had the least amount of security between the financial institution and the merchant/retailer. Traditionally, the liability has been undertaken by the financial institution.
Connections Credit Union will gradually implement EMV Debit Cards to our members as their current debit cards start to expire.
Connections Credit Union is dedicated to complying with security measures to help protect your account. If you ever suspect your account information has been compromised, please contact your local branch immediately for assistance.

Skimmers in Mexico

It has been reported that an organized crime gang in Mexico has been systematically bribing ATM technicians to install Bluetooth skimming components that allow thieves to steal card and PIN data wirelessly. Most of the terminals are in tourist areas. If you have recently travelled to Mexico, please make sure to review your transactions on your account. If you see a transaction that looks suspicious, please contact your local Connections branch.

Important Notice Regarding Your Checking Account