Board of directors


The Board of Directors is elected by the membership. Each Board member is elected for a 3 year term. The Board consists of members of the Credit Union that serve as unpaid volunteers; these volunteers serve to ensure the stability of the financial assets of their peers and co-workers as well as the people in their communities. An attempt is made to have a representative on the Board from each field of membership. All interested members are encouraged to run for the Board. The board acts on interest rates, declares dividends on savings, sets general policies, and hires management to carry out policy.

Current Board of Directors:

  • Roger Murphy -- Chairman
  • Quentin Howard -- Vice Chair
  • Jim Simpson -- Secretary
  • Amber Christensen -- Director
  • Blaine Killpack -- Director
  • Shiela Owen -- Director
  • Don Brod -- Director
  • Brad Nelson -- Director
  • Alfreda Vann -- Director
  • Joy Vega -- Director
  • Dale Hatch -- Director
  • Joe Villareal -- Director
  • Alma Marvin -- Director
  • Ron Lloyd -- Director
  • Randall Jayo -- Director
  • Steve Young -- Director



A supervisory committee is elected by the Board to monitor the day to day operations of the Credit Union. The main purposes of the committee is to perform an annual audit of the Credit Union and conduct the annual Board of Directors Elections.

Current Supervisory Committee:

  • George McGinnis -- Chairman
  • Keith Iannacone -- Member
  • Mike Duersch -- Member
  • Jodi Bates -- Member
  • Rod Gallegos -- Member
  • Carol Deutsche -- Member
  • Ronald Peckenpaugh -- Member