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Finding the perfect home can sometimes take months. Thankfully, it will only take you minutes to get your loan approval with our Mortgage Specialist at Connections. We make the process fast, smooth, and easy.

Local decision-making is paired with unsurpassed personal service. Whether you're purchasing your first home or refinancing an existing mortgage, we tailor a loan specific to your wants and needs. Our Mortgage Specialist will simplify your application process from pre-approval to closing. It is our goal to ease the home buying process, making it as fast, convenient and as informative as possible.

Do you have questions about a home loan? Check out our Mortgage News for answers to frequently asked mortgage questions.

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Balloon Loans

A balloon loan is a short term mortgage loan offered at a 5 year term. These loans are meant to either be paid off or refinanced at the end of this conveniently short term. Balloon loans are useful to people who may only plan on staying in a home for a short period of time or who simply prefer for their loan to stay local.

Balloon Loans
  • In house loans are not sold to an outside investor- Connections would handle every aspect of the loan
  • Payments are calculated for up to a 20 year payback rate
  • Connections does not offer escrow services on Balloon Loans (members responsible for paying insurance and property tax)

If you are interested feel free to check out our great Rates, contact us, or call our Mortgage Specialist Tami Lewis at 208.233.5544 ext. 127 to make an appointment. Feel Free to email us with any questions.

Home Equity Loans

Financing a large expense is simple when you have a Home Equity Loan from Connections Credit Union. Our low rates, easy repayment term and possible tax benefits* make it a first rate means to finance college costs, home improvement projects, an extended vacation, medical bills, a vehicle, wedding expenses, or even the purchase of property. (*consult your tax advisor regarding potential tax benefits.)

If you are interested in a Home Equity Loan, please contact your local branch.

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