Mobile Deposit Guide

To use Mobile Deposit you must download the SquirrelRDC app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play. You will not be able to make any mobile deposits without first downloading the SquirrelRDC app. Links are provided below.

Download SquirrelRDC on the App Store Download SquirrelRDC on Google Play

How to Use Mobile Deposit:

  • Log into our Mobile Site,

  • Select "Mobile Deposits: SquirrelRDC App Required"
    • You will be automatically signed in to the SquirrelRDC app.

  • Read agreement statement and select "I Agree"

  • Select "Make a New Deposit" in the upper right hand corner.

  • Follow the prompts from the SquirrelRDC app to submit your deposit

  • You will receive an email notification once you have been approved for mobile deposit. Please allow 1 full business day after receiving that email before attempting your first deposit.

Please review the following to help insure your deposits are posted timely and correctly.

Items not meeting the deposit requirements may be rejected.

Requirements for Deposit:

  • Must have a Current and valid email address
  • Account must be opened for at least 6 months
  • All checks must be signed and endorsed with on the back
  • Only checks drawn on a financial institutions within the United States and payable in US currency will be accepted
  • All checks must be payable to the account owner or joint owner
  • Items older than 6 months cannot be accepted
  • You are required to keep the original check for a period of sixty (60) days
  • Check images must be clear and readable
  • Deposits can only be made to a savings, checking, or money market account


  • Please allow 1 business day for items to post to your account. Deposits made during weekends or holidays may take additional time.
  • Funds deposited using Mobile Deposit will not be immediately available. Availability time frames will vary depending on amount of deposit, account standing, and etc.
  • The credit union may impose limits on the amount or number of deposit transmitted.

Still have a question regarding Mobile Deposit? Check out our FAQ.

If you need assistance with Mobile Deposit, please contact your local branch.